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A treasured place of comfort

From an original hay barn of my grandfather (= Neni) a homely and valuable gem has been created through local craftsmanship. A conscious connection with the traditions of natural materials – such as clay soil and wood, the regional organic specialties and the experience of nature.

A house of comfort for lived Montafon history with plenty of room for the personal touch. A valuable time to experience and enjoy moments together

You can experience the Neni as a chalet or you can take one of the two exclusive suites.

Tradition and origin

Even as a child, I had an emotional bond with the Neni, because I had spent many wonderful hours in it. True to the motto: “dreaming is allowed”, the building shell is made of natural materials and therefore free of pollutants. The solar system on the roof makes it almost heat self-sufficient. A charging station supplies electric cars with the necessary power.

The rooms, the light,  and the acoustics are crafted and designed in such a way that they create a dignified atmosphere of well-being. The light-flooded rooms create a flowing spatial structure, nature becomes the desired constant companion. This provides a unique experience.

Our little treasure

The Neni awakens a lived history, sets vital impulses for soul & spirit, creates space for precious enjoyment experiences & magical natural spectacles.

“A place where the past speaks to us
and we do not fear the future”

Richard Beitl
local poet from Schruns


Electric Cars
Charging station

own fruit,
berry & herb garden

Tradition of wood &
natural materials

Heat self-sufficient
Solar system

Quiet &
central location


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